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Raise More Money in Less Time

With Call Time you eliminate hours of donor research and speed up the process of placing calls, logging outcomes, and sending follow-ups.
Instant Donor Research
We automatically collect and display federal, state, and local political giving history.
Donor Scores & Ask Amounts
Machine learning algorithms generate a score and ask amount for every contact, so you know who's most likely to give and how much.
Smarter, Faster Calling Tools
Place calls, leave notes, set reminders, collect pledges, send follow ups... all in one place!
Robust Donor Profiles
Contact profiles are enriched with social media content, demographic data, and additional phone numbers and emails.
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Fundraise 5x Faster!

Spend less time dialing for dollars and more time in the field with voters.
Automated Research
Instant federal, state, and local contribution history.
Smart Call Lists
A.I.-generated call lists of the best people to call in the moment.
Fundraising Consultant
Fast Follow-Ups
Log calls and send templated email or text message follow-ups.
Improve Performance
Analytics, data-driven insights, and reminders help you improve your process.

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